We act to transmit the love of beauty: the beauty of the Sardinian territory with its wildlife, its people, its rituals, its traditions, its food.

We act to make our vision a reality, through sustainable tourism, environmental education and naturalistic training.





Using our expertise and our international experience to make ecotourism a model to trip to Sardinia.



Turning our actions to a differentiated and comprehensive target but focusing on children, the inheritors of the results of the environmental and socio-economic management of our generation.



Promoting the value of knowledge, through recreational, educational and training activities.



L'impresa è stata agevolata grazie all’avviso "promuovidea finanziamento nuova impresa" realizzato con il contributo del POR FSE 2007/2013 - Regione Sardegna - Asse II Occupabilità linee di attività e.1.2 ed e.3.1.


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