“When you look at a photograph you don’t just see a snapshot, but also the ability that man has to stop time. With one simple creation, photography stops the seconds, stops the moment, captures the emotions, because our existence is one long flick, and we can stop it when we want to rewatch the best scenes.”. (Ejay Ivan Lac)

“I took some photos. I took photos instead of talking. I took photos so I wouldn’t forget. So I wouldn’t stop looking.”. (D. Pennac - The Paradise of the Ogres).

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L'impresa è stata agevolata grazie all’avviso "promuovidea finanziamento nuova impresa" realizzato con il contributo del POR FSE 2007/2013 - Regione Sardegna - Asse II Occupabilità linee di attività e.1.2 ed e.3.1.


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