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Nature, Sea, Birdwatching, History and Culture in Sardinia


We are guides and environmental interpreters. We can plan for you jeep safari, trekking tours, archaeological visits, cultural activities and food and wine tours with the aim to let you discover nature, history and culture of Sardinia. Alghero is the point of departure for all our activities. We are located in the...

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Off road tour: a complete journey in Sardinia

A tour to see all that Sardinia offers: spectacular landscapes, animals and wildlife, archeological sites, uncontaminated sea, delicious food. ...


Do you love local food? Enjoy our tour to discover agro-pastoral traditions, typical food and wine of Sardinia  ...


If you want to discover the most mysterious side of the Sardinian origin join us and visit the best archaeological site of Alghero ...


L'impresa è stata agevolata grazie all’avviso "promuovidea finanziamento nuova impresa" realizzato con il contributo del POR FSE 2007/2013 - Regione Sardegna - Asse II Occupabilità linee di attività e.1.2 ed e.3.1.


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