Gabriella La Manna

I am a biologist, with a master's degrees in wildlife conservation and a doctorate in behavioural biology. I have worked for ten years in the fields of conservation biology, as supervisor of projects of scientific research, wildlife monitoring and protected areas management, both in Italy and abroad. I have also worked in the field of sustainable tourism, thanks to the collaboration with tour operators such as Universo Acqua and CTS. In 2011, I have taken part in setting up the company Progetto Natura, and I'm the president of MareTerra NGO that promote scientific research for the conservation of nature. I am an environmental guide and scuba guide, licensed by the Sardinia Region and the AIGAE. I have been living in Sardinia since 2009 where I created, in 2012 and together with my staff, the company NaturAlghero. In 2019 I've created MareTerra Group which now comprises Progetto Natura and NaturAlghero.








Francesco Perretti

I was born in Barbagia, the ancient region that for the most is the true Sardinia. I have been working in the field of tourism for fifteen years, in various areas of the island. I am in love with my land, so I use my communication skills to inject enthusiasm into the people who visit Sardinia. My favourite targets are children and young people, thanks to my experience as a pedagogical animator. Following my natural curiosity, I attended courses about wildlife recognition, traditional usage of plants and herbs, culture and history of Sardinia. I am passionate about off-road and I am AIGAE environmental guide. I have being a co-founder and a member of NaturAlghero since 2012 and MareTerra Group in 2019. I'm field assistant of MareTerra NGO.

Fabio Ronchetti
I am a lover of long walks and trekking in nature. One of my passions is to observe animals and their behaviours and for this, I have studied natural sciences deepening my studies in ethology. I have been an environmental educator in schools, companies, parks and nature reserves. Being able to share these passions with travellers from all over the world is a privilege. The Sardinian origins of my mother brought me to Sardinia to create Progetto Natura in 2012 together with Gabriella and Francesco. Also from 2012, I am an associate researcher of MareTerra Onlus which works for the protection of the environment. In 2019 we created MareTerra Group which now includes Naturalghero and Progetto Natura. I became an Environmental Excursion Guide AIGAE and of the Sardinia Region to be able to guide you with a safe step on the paths of this wonderful land.






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