We are guides and environmental interpreters. We can plan for you jeep safari, trekking tours, archaeological visits, cultural activities and food and wine tours with the aim to let you discover nature, history and culture of Sardinia.

Alghero is the point of departure of all our activities. We are in the northwest of Sardinia, but Alghero is a Catalan microcosm on the island. For nearly 500 years the town has been Catalan as you can feel from the dialect, the sailor’s legacy and the cuisine.

We chose Alghero as our headquarters because it is a wonderful village surrounded by a colourful territory. Leaving Alghero, you can experience the famous Sardinian sea and beaches, but also a wild and “typically Sardinian inland”. You could taste the finest fish or, travelling just a bit across the countryside, encounter the agro-pastoral tradition and the accompanying cuisine.

Alghero, Porto Conte and the Gulf of Nymphs have been inhabited since ancient times. Those peoples left incredible archaeological evidence: the mysterious Nuraghe, one of the largest Domus de Jana (fairy houses) of Sardinia, and — a little farther on — unique prehistoric altars, “giants’ tombs,” and sacred wells.

Alghero is a strategic point for your journey through Sardinia. We hope to guide your explorations, enriching your experience with our knowledge.

If you are interested in eco-tourism, active tourism or real travel experience go to the page of the project Alghero Ecotourism Network and download the pdf Brochure Alghero Ecotourism Network. 


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