Do you need a suggestion for a boat tour in Alghero?

We strongly suggest you Progetto Natura and their dolphin watching & snorkeling tours. Enjoy the amazing experience of dolphin watching in the wild. Put on mask, flippers and snorkel and discover the fascinating seafloor together with the marine biologists of the company. At the end, enjoy a delicious snack of local food. 


Taking part in these tours you actively help MareTerra - Environmental Research and Conservation in protecting the marine environment. 

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L'impresa è stata agevolata grazie all’avviso "promuovidea finanziamento nuova impresa" realizzato con il contributo del POR FSE 2007/2013 - Regione Sardegna - Asse II Occupabilità linee di attività e.1.2 ed e.3.1.


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