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We are guides and environmental interpreters. We can plan for you jeep safari, trekking tours, archaeological visits, cultural activities and food and wine tours with the aim to let you discover nature, history and culture of Sardinia. Alghero is the point of departure of all our activities. We are in the northwest...

Measures against COVID-19 Excursion and safety guidelines

This year the world health situation due to COVID-19 outbreak requires us to have more rules to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. We adopt an operational protocol and regulations for our excursions which respects ministerial and regional ordinances and guidelines and the operational protocol provided by the...

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The tours are organized by Naturalghero on behalf of MareTerra Group.

Excursion Cancellation

In the event of adverse weather conditions, the excursion will be cancelled without charge. The reservation can be recovered in the following days based on the availability of seats by proceeding with the allocation of the seats on the basis of the booking order.

MareTerra Group SNC No Responsibility Disclaimer

1) The Participant (s) declares under their own responsibility to be in a good state of health and to exempt MareTerra Group SNC from any civil and criminal liability related and consequent to the ascertainment of this condition;
2) The Participant (s) undertakes to behave in accordance with the principles of legality and respect for the principles of civilization on the occasion of the excursion and not, in any case, engage in behaviour contrary to the law and civil rules that may put danger to one's own or others' safety;
3) The Participant (s) relieves MareTera Group SNC from any liability, direct and indirect, for any material and non-material damage, theft and/or damage to any personal object and/or expenses (including legal fees), which may arise following participation in the excursion, also as a consequence of one's or others' behaviour;
4) Finally, by accepting the terms and conditions, the Participant (s) assumes all responsibility that may derive from participation in the excursion and relieves the MareTerra Group SNC of any civil and criminal liability, even objective, as a consequence of accidents caused to himself or third parties and illnesses that occurred during the entire duration of the excursion, including transfers by any means to and from the excursion site;
5) Pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code the Participant (s) declares to have carefully examined all the clauses contained in this form and to specifically approve all the points listed.

Photo/Video Release Authorization

With reference to the images (photos and videos) taken by the guides during the excursions, the Participant (s) authorizes MareTerra Group SNC free of charge, without time limits (also pursuant to Articles 10 and 320 of the Italian Civil Code. and articles 96 and 97 law 22/4/1941, n.633, Copyright Law) to the publication and/or diffusion in any form of their images on the website, on social networks (and in particular on the Facebook page, Instagram), on printed paper and/or on any other means of diffusion. He also authorizes the conservation of the photos and videos themselves in the computer archives of MareTerra Group SNC and acknowledges that the purpose of these publications is merely informative and possibly promotional.

This authorization can be revoked at any time with written communication to be sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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Off road tour: became an explorer of Sardinia

A tour to see all that Sardinia offers: spectacular landscapes, animals and wildlife, archeological sites, uncontaminated sea, delicious food. ...


Do you love local food? Enjoy our tour to discover agro-pastoral traditions, typical food and wine of Sardinia  ...

ARCHAEO TOUR: go deep into Sardinian mysteries

If you want to discover the most mysterious side of the Sardinian origin join us and visit the best archaeological site of Alghero ...

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L'impresa è stata agevolata grazie all’avviso "promuovidea finanziamento nuova impresa" realizzato con il contributo del POR FSE 2007/2013 - Regione Sardegna - Asse II Occupabilità linee di attività e.1.2 ed e.3.1.



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